Sunday, 8 May 2011

A cool time on Coolings nature trail

*** Coolings isn't free anymore! Noooo! It now costs £1.50. So not a huge dent in your pocket. Which is why the review is still here . . .***

If you've an hour or two to spare at the weekend, you could do a lot worse than visit Coolings nature trail in Knockholt.

With wallabies, pigs, chickens and sheep, it's like a mini-farm. Add its wigwams and teepees, and its lakes and woodland, and you have a very good afternoon out (as long as the weather's ok).

When we visited the wallaby joeys were just getting brave enough to come out of their mothers' pouches - very exciting! The piglets were very noisy. And the human sundial kept my four-year-old Calum entertained while I fed the baby.

The nature trail is pretty flat, although I did need some help with the pushchair over some huge tree roots.

Parking is free (hurrah!), but don't take picnics. They're not allowed on the trail. There is a cafe onsite, which is not cheap (especially for children's meals) but has quite tasty food.

Oh and don't go to the wrong Coolings! The nature trail is at Coolings Green & Pleasant not Coolings Garden Centre which is very close by.

Opening times
Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 4.30pm


  1. Hi Fiona - enjoying looking at your blog, read about it in the NCT newsletter. Is a good read and a great concept. Did you know they are charging for the Nature Trail now?
    Hope all well
    Anita (Carter, ex newsletter advertising)

  2. Hi Anita - no I didn't know that! I will find out more. Thanks for looking - I hope you're doing well. Fee x



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