Thursday, 24 November 2011

Maracas, tambourines . . . and the wheels on the bus

On a damp and grey Thursday morning Orla and I headed off to the centre of Sevenoaks for a spot of singing.

We sneaked into the library late to find around 20 grown ups and their babies shaking maracas and singing nursery rhymes.

Baby Bounce and Rhyme used to be in the main part of the library, but it's now in the gallery upstairs. So everyone's singing skills are a little bit less on show than they were, and there's less chance of your tot getting lost among the books (happened to me more than once).

The volunteers that help to run the session look like they are really enjoying themselves, and there are lots of little instruments for the children to play with.

There was a bit of chatter towards the end as some of the grown ups and children (including mine!) got a bit restless. And the set-up could be a bit better - most of the adults sit on chairs in a circle while the little ones play in the middle.

But Orla loved it and even though she's far too little to join in the singing, she certainly made up for it with the shakers. And we got to sing some of our favourite songs, so Baby Bounce and Rhyme has definitely passed the no price tags test.

Baby Bounce & Rhyme 11 - 11.30am Thursday
Sevenoaks Library
Buckhurst Lane
Sevenoaks TN13 1LQ
Car parking 90p for one hour

More free singing sessions run throughout the area - check your local library and Children's Centre for more details.


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