Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lost in Manor Park

Another freezing day in Sevenoaks, but I was determined to get us some "fresh air" so we wrapped up warm and set out for Manor Park, just outside West Malling.

We arrived miserable, freezing and completely ready to go home. I think I had totally underestimated how cold it actually it was. It was muddy (again) and we had brought a pushchair to a park that is really not very pushchair friendly.

We hoisted the pushchair over a cattle gate and traipsed across a field. I spotted some highland cows in the next field, but even they had no appeal in what felt like sub-zero temperatures. Here's a good time to say I am completely nesh.

By chance I noticed a really smooth, dry path behind a hedge. So we lugged the pushchair over the next gate and found the path we should have been on right from the start.

Calum zoomed off round the lake on his bike and we finally started to enjoy our morning out.

We finished the walk with coffee and biscuits from the park's cafe. Calum and Orla had a great time in the playground (right by the entrance) which is full of play equipment for young and older children.

There's an old ruined tower that we didn't manage to look at, but we will when it's a bit warmer!

A word of warning - the path round the pond ends at a (quite quiet) road with no gates so watch out for little ones.

This week's no price tags lesson: always look at the map. It will show you where to go.

Manor Park Country Park
St Leonard's Street
West Malling
ME19 6PE

Parking: Monday - Friday £1.50 weekends and bank holidays £2.00


  1. Sounds good - is there much of a path for the kids to ride their bikes?

    1. It's quite a short bike ride (but it was enough for us that day!) I think there are much better places to go if that's what you're after. My favourites are Bedgebury and Haysden Park in Tonbridge . . .




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