Thursday, 15 March 2012

Last chance to horse around

There are hobby horses galore at the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Sevenoaks - but only until Saturday.

The Farningham Hobbyhorse Project was launched last year as part of the Kent Cultural Baton. Its 120 horses were decorated by the people of Farningham and are meant to represent an ancient horse fair.

They are very bright and colourful - perfect for little ones. Orla and I loved looking at how different each one is. We might even have a go at one ourselves!

The exhibition is free and the project is run by Rosalind Barker and Franny Swann.

Kaleidoscope Gallery
Sevenoaks Library
Buckhurst Lane
Sevenoaks TN13 1LQ


  1. Hi Fiona

    I've just come across you through Mumsnet Bloggers Network. I publish Playground magazine, which is Tunbridge Wells based, but I know my readers will be keen to hear about happenings in your part of Kent too.


    1. Ooh thank you Caroline - I'll take a look!




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