Sunday, 16 September 2012

Enjoying the last of the sunshine at Barden Lake

Ooh I took Calum out cycling this weekend. We went set off in Tonbridge and followed the cycle path (regional route 12) through Haysden Country Park and past Barden Lake.

It was lovely! It was sunny and it seemed like everyone was out on their bikes enjoying the last few days of summer.

The route is really easy and runs alongside the footpath so you don't have to worry about knocking over walkers. And you're almost immediately cycling past fields and through woods so it really feels like you're on an adventure.

We stopped off at a little clearing with lots of hills and bumps, where Calum tried out his cycling skills. And then off to the cafe for an ice cream. Hooray!!

The route goes out through the park and on to Penshurst. We tried it, but part of it is on a windy country road. I freaked out when a car zoomed round a corner and decided we might try it another time (hmmm - maybe not!)

Don't be put off though. I'm sure if you're a confident cyclist and don't see danger at every turn you'd have a great time!

Take a look at the Explore Kent website for more cycling routes.

Haysden Country Park
Lower Haysden Lane
TN11 9BE


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