Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Moth man at Bough Beech

A chocolate tip moth (gailhampshire)
We dodged the showers on Sunday and met Alan the moth man at Bough Beech reservoir. He had set up traps on Saturday night and was showing all the moths he had caught.

It was a bit chilly on Saturday so he didn't have as many as he'd hoped. But we got to see quite a few furry, sleeping moths including a rare chocolate tip, that lots of people stopped off to see on their way through the visitors' centre.

So now I feel a little bit like an expert - there is no real difference between moths and butterflies, moths can fly in the day, and some can't eat.

The centre has a little cafe (hooray!) and a shop. It's also got a few activities for children - the snake skin and microscope combo were a great hit with Calum.

Alan will be showing off some more moths on Sunday 27 May from 10am until 12pm. There are more free (and cheap) events at Bough Beech this spring - and there are lots of walks to try out too.
The bee house at Bough Beech

Bough Beech
Ide Hill
Kent TN14 6LD

Free parking


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